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How can a worker engage a Lawyer in a disciplinary action?

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When can a worker engage a lawyer in a disciplinary action? The recent postponement of suspended Eskom executive Matshela Koko’s disciplinary hearing highlights how costly and drawn out disciplinary procedures can be when lawyers become involved in the process. It also raises the following question:

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Disciplinary hearings and the employee’s right to legal representation.









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Your off-duty conduct matters.

What an employee does after hours can have an impact on his employers.

The recent publicity around senior government officials and members of senior management in the private sector, and their alleged behaviour or conduct outside of the “workplace”, raises a number of questions for employers. To what extent does a person’s conduct outside the company impact on the employer? And does the employer have recourse against the individual? Jennifer da Mata, managing director of Stratag Labour Solutions, says …

Sunday World, Sunday 08 October 2017








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Your off-duty conduct matters