Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment



Regardless of whether your company is a Start-up Enterprise, a Private Company, a Close Corporation, listed or unlisted, operating in South Africa has changed drastically over the course of the past 15 years irrespective of the industry or sector you are trading in.

Within this ever-changing environment, the regulatory requirements your company is required to adhere to as well as the terms and conditions of your company’s suppliers and Clients’ which need to be met in order to maintain and procure new business, all ultimately result in tedious, labour-intensive admin which mostly pertains to compliance with BBBEE in some way, shape or form.

Our expertise lies in being able to provide a holistic value adding BBBEE service, whereby we focus on:

  • Properly addressing popular business topics, issues and questions such as feasible Empowerment & Transformation Initiatives in terms of Ownership, Management, Employment Equity, Skills Development Strategies, Preferential Procurement, Enterprise and Supplier Development & Corporate Social Investment also referred to as Socio Economic Development.
  • Ensuring that the Client has a clear understanding of BBBEE & all related legislation, the various score cards (irrespective of the company’s industry / sector) and influence thereof on the Client’s business in its entirety (core, support, departmental functions & growth as well as its footprint in the economy, market place & industry).
  • Providing simplistic, versatile & concise advice, recommendations & information in terms of either maintaining or improving on the Client’s current BBBEE score card including ways to better business functions & processes generally taken for granted.


  • We kick-off our B-BBEE journey with an Introductory / Information sharing session, which assists in:
  1. Establishing your company’s current structure and position,
  2. What the end goal(s) are,
  3. What the project and/or action plan is (including specific tailormade deliverables), and
  4. Who the key role-players are within your company, who have been designated as the Overall B-BBEE or element specific champions.
  • A Score Assessment which, based on the applicable Code and your measured Financial Year End period, is indicative of your current B-BBEE score for each of the scorecard elements.
  • A Cost Benefit Analysis and Strategy will:
    1. Identify any gaps, risks or issues and the impact thereof in terms of losing points, dropping a level on your B-BBEE scorecard and the probability of being a Non-compliant B-BBEE contributor whilst
    2. Highlighting available and feasible opportunities to obtain lost and/or additional points which will improve your score and overall B-BBEE level if these opportunities were to be seized.
  • Monitoring of your progress in terms of implementing the provided strategy which will enable us to ascertain whether the required targets are being met.
  • Sourcing of B-BBEE Certificates and Data Capturing which are crucial for obtaining optimal scores on the scorecard item, Preferential Procurement.
  • B-BBEE Verification Preparation which includes liaising with your selected B-BBEE Verification Agency prior to your B-BBEE Verification to ensure that the data and evidence file(s) which will be submitted, meet their requirements.
  • B-BBEE Verification Support which includes liaising with your selected B-BBEE Verification Agency during your B-BBEE Verification, assisting with the onsite B-BBEE verification, the issuing of your Preliminary and/or Final B-BBEE Certificate and, if need be, seeing to the Appeal process.
  • Providing you with regular updates regarding changes to BBBEE legislation.

How does it work…

  • It is important to note that any prospective new Client as well as our current Clients can contact Strata-g and request an obligation free consultation.
  • Following the initial consultation, a formal proposal is presented to the Client for consideration which includes details of the services and/or deliverables to be provided as well as the associated costs thereof (this can be done on an Ad Hoc or 12-month retainer basis all depending on the Client’s needs).
  • Upon accepting the proposal, the Client will be presented with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for signature, which will govern the relationship between Strata-g and the Client.
  • The SLA will commence with effect as from the date agreed upon and shall remain effective for a period of 12 (twelve) months.
  • Upon receipt of the signed SLA, Strata-g shall process an invoice for the payment of the monthly retainer fee.
  • Strata-g will assign a dedicated BBBEE Consultant to meet the Client’s requirements.