Employment Equity


Please note that the Employment Equity targets must be aligned with the Work Skills Plan (WSP) to ensure that your business achieves its long term training & empowerment goals.

Strata-g Labour Solutions can assist with the planning & reporting of both Skills Development & Employment Equity elements


Assisting employers increasing their BBEEE rating by creating fair and equal opportunities for all staff through various strategic interventions as well as ensuring legal compliance with the Employment Equity Act.

Bringing about innovation through diversity in the workplace, allowing every individual a fair an equal opportunity to be upskilled and empowered whilst following procedural protocols enforced by the Department of Labour.

Our services include:

  • Employment Equity analysis and the identification of under representation of specific demographics in the organisation;
  • Review of current and the assistance in the development of Employment Equity Plans;
  • Submission of Employment Equity report to the Department of Labour;
  • Facilitation of any conflict relating to Employment Equity;
  • Nomination and appointment of the Employment Equity committee members;
  • Training of the Employment Equity committee;
  • Facilitation of virtual and physical onsite Employment Equity Committee Meetings;
  • Identification of Employment Equity barriers and the development of Affirmative Action Measures that will address such barriers;
  • Alignment of certain positions and recruitment, to reach the targets of the Employment Equity Plan within the prescribed timeframes.

How does it work…

  • The Employment Equity needs of every prospective client are different and various factors such as the nature and size of the business, industry or sector within which the business operates and number of employees employed by the business, needs to be evaluated in order to provide each prospective client with a cost effective service offering. A prospective client can contact Strata-g and request an obligation free consultation.
  • Following the consultation held, Strata-g will submit a formal proposal to the prospective client for consideration.
  • Upon accepting the proposal, the client will be presented with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for signature, which will govern the relationship between Strata-g and the Client.
  • The SLA will commence with effect as from the date agreed upon and shall remain effective for a period of 12 (twelve) months.
  • Upon receipt of the signed SLA, Strata-g shall process an invoice for the payment of the monthly retainer fee.
  • Strata-g assign a dedicated primary and secondary Employment Equity Consultant to meet the needs of the client in terms of the following:
    a. Educating and training the client on all Employment Equity regulations, and related legislation;
    b. Confirming whether the client qualifies as a designated employer, i.e. meeting the Employment Equity Act turnover threshold for submission;
    c. If the client were to qualify as a designated employer, capturing and submitting the EEA2, and EEA4 reports;
    d. Perform a gap analysis based on the Economically Active Population (EAP) targets and barriers;
    e. Consult, assist and monitor Employment Equity targets and strategies;
    f. Acting as the intermediary between the client and the Department of Labour, and the Department of Labour and the client;
  • Our dedicated EE Consultant will visit you on a monthly basis and provide you with a detailed Status Report that will keep you updated on your current position, progress and completed milestones as set out in your Employment Equity Plan.
  • We will always be your first point of contact, given that we are considered to be the best source of information and help when you have any questions or queries.
  • Expected and timeous turnaround times for services rendered by Strata-G to its clients are guaranteed and agreed to upfront.