Assisting employers to source the best possible candidates for their business through unique, expedient and professional recruitment processes and methodologies.

Our services include:

  • Saving you time by identifying and screening candidates against your requirements;
  • Helping you avoid mistakes in the hiring process by providing an objective analysis of a candidate;
  • Candidates are subject to reference, criminal and ITC checks;
  • ID and qualification authentication is further conducted;Some of our value adding services includes:
  • We source candidates on either a permanent or a fixed term basis;
  • Strata-g is able to provide candidates for all positions, across all industries as our consultants have vast experience in all sectors;
  • Strata-g has a vast network of experienced and high performing candidates, available to employers for recruitment at any point in time;
  • Strata-g is able to provide client’s with head-hunting services, should this be a requirement to source the ideal candidate;
  • Strata-g can further assist organisations with selected elements of the recruitment process and this is referred to as Recruitment Process Outsourcing, which is billed at an hourly rate. The elements which Strata-g can assist with are as follows:
    • Designing of relevant job specifications to match position which are available and/or,
    • Sourcing of candidates in line with job specifications and/or,
    • Interviewing and Shortlisting of candidates in line with job specifications and/or,
    • Conducting reference, criminal, ITC checks and/or,
    • Authenticating candidate ID and Qualifications and/or,
    • Psychometric Assessments and/or,
    • Drafting offers of employment and liaising between the candidate and the client and/or,
    • Attending final interviews and assisting the organisation in making a final decision on the candidates interviewed.

How does it work…

  • Clients wishing to engage Strata-g’s services for recruitment needs will be required to sign an SLA outlining our rates and terms. Our rates are competitive and reasonable, giving the quality of our candidates and the level of services we provide;
  • Upon signature of a SLA, Strata-g will either commence with sourcing the relevant candidates, or alternatively conducting the elements selected under our Recruitment Process Outsourcing model (as outlined above);
  • Strata-g keeps the client informed of progress throughout the recruitment process and once suitable candidates are sourced, telephonic and face to face interviews are conducted;
  • Strata-g only submits CV’s in line with the job specification, as well as the client’s budgetary requirements, so as to not waste the client’s valuable time. All candidates submitted will have been subjected to reference, criminal and ITC checks, prior to submission;
  • Once the client is satisfied and wishes to extend an offer to the ideal candidate, Strata-g will facilitate the process until employment is confirmed;
  • Strata-g offers guarantee periods, should the client not be satisfied with the candidate, details of which are outlined in our SLA.