Providing employers with a vast option of accredited and unaccredited training, in order to up skill staff to meet their full potential, as well as achieve targets in line with Work Place Skills Plan and B-BBEE.

Our services include:

  • Strata-g provides the highest possible quality of Industrial Relations training, presented by in-house experienced Attorneys and Advocates and is designed to equip managers with the relevant expertise and knowledge to deal with discipline in the workplace;
  • Strata-g’s in-house BEE specialists provide up to date and relevant BBBEE training for managers and relevant stakeholders on the latest BBBEE Codes and the impact of such codes on companies and their BBBEE Scorecards;
  • Strata-g’s Skills Development and Employment Equity specialists offer Skills Development and Employment Equity Training;
  • Training and mentorship of Skills Development and Employment Equity Committees in line with latest legislation;
  • Assisting the Client in identifying the relevant training providers on all subject matter in line with organisations’ requirements and in line with Work Place Skills Plans;
  • Liaising with the training provider to clarify clients’ training expectations;
  • Advising and guiding on which employee’s to train in order to maximize efficiency as well as realise maximum benefits in terms of the Skills Development Act and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment;

How does it work…

  • The B-BBEE training needs of every organisation are unique and need to be properly understood in order to source the best and most relevant training. Upon signature of an agreement with Strata-g, the training needs of the organisation are assessed;
  • In conjunction with implementing or analysing the Work Place Skills Plan as well as the B-BBEE strategy, Strata-g will assist the client in sourcing the relevant training;
  • Strata-g has a vast network of accredited training providers, which are able to provide any form of training in line with the organisation’s  needs;
  • B-BBEE training is presented either virtually, at the Client’s premises or alternatively, at the training providers facilities, dependent on what is most suitable for the Client.