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18 March 2021,

Strata-g Labour Solutions have been providing a variety of services to Imperial
Holdings, prior to its unbundling, for a decade now. They were initially contracted to
provide Industrial Relations (IR) services to Associated Motor Holdings (Pty) Ltd (AMH),
a subsidiary of Imperial Holdings employing more than 4 000 people nationally; and
subsequent to the merger between AMH and Imperial’s vehicle retail, rental and
aftermarket parts businesses to form Motus Holding Limited, they have continued to
grow their footprint within the Group, currently employing approximately 7 000 people.

At present, they provide a range of services to Motus nationally, mainly IR: disciplinary
hearings, grievance / dispute resolution facilitation, retrenchments, CCMA and
Bargaining Council representation, IR training, IR trends reporting and interpretation;
workplace IR investigations and audits etc. In addition, they have also assisted in the
areas of Employment Equity and Talent Acquisition. Their services are always highly
professional, prompt and cost-effective.

Strata-g employ highly qualified, experienced and skilled consultants and because of
their long association with the company, they have gained a deep understanding of the
company, its people and the motor industry as a whole. As such, their services exceed
our requirements and they add immense value on an ongoing basis.

I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Strata-g to any prospective client and
can be contacted if further elaboration is required.

Otto Koornhof
Executive: Human Resources

7 April 2021,

Strata-g has been our Consultant for the past 3 years on BBBEE and Internal Relations. We have worked hand in hand to reach the set objectives for our company’s BBBEE plan and successfully reached it. They constantly interact to ensure compliance to Regulatory requirements and changes. Planning each year for future requirements plays a major role in the success achieved and is a vital to our long term strategy.

We are satisfied with the support and service from the Team at Strata-g and confident of a long fruitful relation with them.

Yours faithfully

Phillip Fouche

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26 March 2021,

I am writing on behalf of management of Yikusasa Building Contractors to recommend the services of Strata-G Labour Solutions.

The relationship with Strata-G started in 2007 where we had utilized their services for the first time on IR and HR matters. This professional relationship continued over the years and they remain as one of our most valuable Consultants.

We can highly recommend Strata-G for any Industrial – and Human Resource services. Their hands-on approach from senior management and ability to meet deadlines, to name a few, makes them a unique and highly professional company to work with in the ever demanding Construction Industry.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any additional information.

Yours faithfully,

Pieter Strauss

Managing Director

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24 March 2021,

We have used the services of Strata-G for the past 8 years to assist with Industrial Relations matters in our organisation.

The company offers a high quality and professional service which is supported by a team of highly qualified and dedicated legal practitioners with sound knowledge of the Labour Legislation.

It is my pleasure to recommend Strata-G for Labour Legislative services.


Pamentha Kadathial
HR Director

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23 March 2021,

On behalf of Motus Aftermarket Parts I would like to thank and commend Strata-g for their advice and assistance through the past year.

2020 to 2021 has been a difficult time for MAP in that we had to go through 2 retrenchment processes and a strike. This in addition to the normal day-to-day IR issues. Strata-g was there to advise throughout the whole of this difficult time.

I appreciate that someone is always available to discuss and advise on issues when the business requires help.

I look forward to a good working relationship with Strata-g for many years to come.

Yours sincerely

Kim Prinsloo
Senior HC Specialist Industrial Relations

March 2021,

We hereby submit this letter of recommendation for the company Stata G.

In our dealings and business relations with Stata G , Beyond Logistics (Pty) Ltd have received
exemplary service, commitment, and results, we would highly recommend their services.

Your sincerely

James Elsey
Chief Executive Officer

17 March 2021,

We have developed a great partnership with Strata-G labour consultants over a number of years and their dedication and promptness to assist and resolve is second to none. We appreciate their knowledge and attention to detail when the need arises to assist my company with all the facets related to labour Laws and complex individuals.

It is comforting to know that business will continue seamlessly without a hinder with Strata-G dealing with these matters in the background.

Thank you

Clement Coetzee
Managing Director

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At the end of 2011, Strata-g Labour Solutions were contracted by Associated Motor Holdings to provide Industrial Relations services to all Group companies nationally. AMH, a diverse Group of Companies which employed approximately 6000 employees, has since merged with Imperial Holdings’ other vehicle businesses to form Motus Corporation. To date, Strata-g’s services included the chairing of disciplinary hearings, representing the Company at relevant dispute resolution forums, facilitating retrenchment processes, litigation, reviewing of HR policies and ongoing IR advice, if and when necessary. I have found all IR consultants to be well qualified, knowledgeable, professional, reliable and efficient, often dealing with complex matters, as well as demanding clients. What makes the service unique, is their ongoing objective to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of the company and the motor retail industry as a whole, including motor-related financial services. This has aided them to provide a highly relevant, as well as seamless, integrated service in conjunction with in-house HR practitioners. To date, the IR services have met our requirements in full and their contract has now been extended several times. I have no hesitation in recommending Strata-g Labour Solutions to clients with similar needs and requirements.





We confirm that Impact Cleaning Services CC have dealt with Strata-g Labour Solutions for the last few years, during which time they have provided our business with excellent support in the areas of Labour Relations, Industrial Relations and numerous matters involving our labour department.Their work and involvement with Impact Cleaning Services CC has been a major factor in supporting us with legal advice, assisting us in any labour matter that falls outside of our own Companies competence.We can confidently recommend Strata-g Labour Solutions as a solid and reliable specialist, and experts in their field.

IMPACT Cleaning Services

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The management of Yikusasa Building Contractors would like to take this opportunity to compliment Strata-g on the professional service that they have rendered to us over the past 10 years.

What stands out in the team at Strata-g, is the enthusiastic and dedicated manner on how they tackle issues and perform their business. We have utilised their services in various HR areas and always had, without exception, a successful outcome and a positive experience.

We highly recommend Strata-g to any organization that requires assistance with HR related matters



I have been dealing with Strata-g for 3 years and in all the experiences I have had with them, they have been an irreplaceable asset to our company. The quality of work that has been delivered to me on every occasion has proven to be of the highest grade and has always made the fairest and just decisions in every case that they have worked for our company.

My company trusts the outcome of the cases that Strata-g has delivered and has proved to be a valuable asset to us, which is why I have them on speed-dial as my first call. The response turnaround time is astonishing as I know that my calls will always be answered in a timeous fashion and my e-mails are replied to swiftly.

The team at Strata-g are always accommodating and always structure the appointments according to my convenience regardless of how many times that I need to reschedule. My business is always handled in a professional manner and the greatest care and confidentiality is taken and there is nothing left to chance that could affect or impact our business negatively.

Every opportunity that I have had over the years to do business with the professional team at Strata-g has been an occasion that has helped us as a business gain confidence and allowed us the ability to maintain and operate our business efficiently and has reduced our uncertainties by leaps and bounds.

All I have to do to get the best service that is available out there today, is to pick up the phone and from the first point of contact I am already assured that my business is in safe hands, right up until the highest levels of management that inspire confidence at every turn. The willingness to help and the inability to turn down a customer at any time of the day has been the highlight of their entire operation to me.


Strata-g, Labour Solutions is contracted to Lindsay Saker, a Division of Imperial PTY (Ltd.). Rendering the following services:

1. Consultation and Negotiations

Conduct negotiations with employees and unions.

2. IR Policies and procedures

Strata-g assists Lindsay Saker to update Policies, Procedures, training bonds and Contracts as

Legislation changes. This ensures that we meet all the requirements of all relevant ActS.


Advice offered on compiling charge sheets. Officials act as chairman in cases of hearings, grievances, are experts in labour relations and consequently ensure that disciplinary and appeal hearings are conducted in accordance with the requirements of the LRA. Employer representation at the Dispute Resolution centre of the Motor Industry.


Assist with correct processes to follow regarding retrenchment and consult with relevant parties.


Strata-g provides an excellent training course that is registered as a skills program – 114224 + 114278.


Strata-g also sauce suitable qualified candidates in the market and do perfect placing. The give a guarantee on the placements and since they started this service we had no poor placements the Strata –g source and placed in our business. The Strata-g team of experts, are always willing to assist and always available.

Since inception of the services in 2010, the referrals of industrial relation disputes to the Dispute Resolution Centre of the Motor Industries have significantly reduced. The services are cost effective; the return of investment is mentionable to Lindsay Saker.

Dear Strata-g Team,

Cecil Nurse would like to take this oppurtunity to thank you and your team for alll your support and guidance in assisting us in several areas, but to name a few, IR; Recruitment; Skills Development; Equity and most of all with your qualified and professional involvement made it possible for cecil Nurse to achieve and obtain a BEEE level 2 certificate.

Thank you for your continued support.






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