Why are different

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Strata-g’s outstanding client service is one of the major factors that differentiate us from our competitors.
The expertise of our team, including Advocates, Attorneys, Paralegals and Human Resource Practitioners with various skills sets, are appointed to each account to ensure that clients needs are met on an ongoing basis.

We pride ourselves on providing services that are proactive, reliable and professional, leaving our clients to focus on their core business. We are truly passionate about service excellence as well as finding solutions to the challenges employers in South Africa face on a daily basis!

  • Service Excellence

Our goal is an outstanding level of service excellence and this is one of Strata-g’s major differentiating factors.

  • Professional Expertise

All staff at Strata-g Labour Solutions are professionally qualified and are selected through a rigorous recruitment process to ensure that we only employ the best quality expertise available in the market.

  • We are Proactive and Engaging

All our experts take accountability for assisting clients in dealing with their employment related challenges from the inception of the relationship, whilst always keeping the clients informed and involved. We discuss strategies with our clients as well as the implementation of such strategies.

  • Transparent Fee Structure

Clients are informed upfront of all fee structures and billing procedures and as far as possible, Strata-g operates within the clients budgetary parameters.

  • Deadlines and Responsiveness

We at Strata-g understand that the services we provide our clients are critical to the organisation’s success and therefore our services have to be delivered professionally and timeously. Deadlines are determined upfront and outlined in our service level agreements (SLA).

  • Reputational Excellence  

Strata-g is recognised among some of the largest organisations in South Africa as being the market leader in Employment Law and Human Resource consulting services. We pride ourselves on becoming strategic partners to our clients.

  • Team Approach

Every client is allocated a team of experts to identify and attend to specified service requirements. This assists in avoiding the frustration of not being able to receive immediate assistance when necessary.

  • We follow up and keep in touch

At Strata-g we understand that communication is a critical component to building long term and mutually beneficial relationships with clients.

  • Passion and Alignment

All staff at Strata-g are passionate about their respective chosen professions and are completely aligned and engaged with Strata-g’s company ethos and core values.

  • Commitment to Transformation

Strata-g is committed to assisting in the transformation of the South African workplace through embracing equality and implementing non-discriminatory practices. Strata-g is proudly a LEVEL 4 B-BBEE contributor.